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The red lobster

Fornells has always been a fishing town in which lobster stars in different preparations, although the best known is stew.

It's a seafood stew. Fishermen have been making it since ancient times, as a poor dish, when this crustacean did not enjoy its current reputation. Its transition to restaurant tables came, more than a century ago, at the hands of Casa Burdó, an establishment that has now disappeared, which rescued it 120 years ago, giving it fame.

Today there are rare restaurants in this town that do not prepare them. It is a simple dish. The base is a sauce of garlic, onion, green pepper and a little tomato to which water is added. When it boils, add the lobster, cleaned and chopped. Without a doubt, the secret is in the cooking point of the crustacean. In any case, the preparations of lobster stew vary from one place to another: some add a bit of garlic and parsley, some add a splash of cognac or white wine, and some add breadcrumbs or a little flour. to thicken the broth. Currently there is control over lobster fishing and they can only extract it from April to September.

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